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Gorge Trio is that worrisome self-organizing future intelligence that scifi blockbusters caution us about. Meticulously constructed over a three-year period, Open Mouth, O Wisp is Gorge Trio’s magnum opus. A late North American power combo sound in the tradition of Mark Ribot's Shrek work and US Maple's postcool canker, with a palette as effectual and varied as the Sun City Girls. Did you just hear Burmese piano, a Patagonia stomp, Sardinian flutes? How about a Mahavishnu Arkestra in a tin can trio? Well, it's probably not what you think. Guitar, electronics, drums. That's right. What more do you need to reinvent the squeal? Just genius, the kind that doesn't punish you too much and pretend to sell you real estate.

Gorge Trio is:
Chad Popple - Drums, percussion, vibraphone, glockenspiel
Ed Rodriguez - Guitar, piano, organ, marimba
John Dieterich - Guitar, keyboards, electronics

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"Engaging listening from top to bottom." -Your Flesh

"-an amazing and nearly impossible document to decipher-seeming more like some recently discovered musical code than the familiar strains of melodies and rhythms that we're confronted with in everyday life." -Copper Press

"Instruments and homemade implements collide and dance, waver and fall over, only to get up and join the revelry once more. There is a sense of dynamics and balance built into these proceedings that allows every instrument to be heard on its own, as well being a part of the ensemble. This is a blast of a free music record. It would be nice if they were all this engaging and entertaining." -All Music Guide

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